NEWS: 3 Reasons why the Ryan Reynolds and Piaget relationship will last (forever)


It’s fair to say not all celebrity ambassadors are created equal, but this is one that has our full approval here at Time+Tide, as Piaget announce international superstar Ryan Reynolds as the latest member of the fam. Why is he such a good fit? Really? You need hard evidence beyond what we’re all feeling right now in our gut (and potentially elsewhere)? OK then, here are three good reasons:

1. Because, like Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds enjoys surprising people. Subtle, slim and understated, Piaget is a very surprising choice for an all-American dude (even though Reynolds is actually a Canadian, but you know, Hollywood). Smart move from both camps.

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2. Because keeping up with the equally-ripped Michael B. Jordan is a good idea. Jordan is another Piaget ambassador and a serious up-and-coming talent.


3. Because Reynolds and Piaget are equals when it comes to confidence, which is important in any power couple. Clearly this is the start of something beautiful.


Look at this guy. Confidence. In spades. Image via