EVENT: The ‘re-tooled’ Montblanc TimeWalker gets the most Australian launch imaginable

Last week, with Sydney turning on weather that thawed the cold, cold hearts of all Melbourne people present, Montblanc hosted a lunch at Quay Restaurant to launch the new ‘re-tooled’ TimeWalker. The intimate event combined fine dining, fun storytelling, and a wide range of watches – from accessible new TimeWalker models to the extremely limited Rally Timer. The entirely hand-fashioned Minerva movement, visible through the caseback, drew audible gasps from the watch-aware in the audience, and looks of curiosity from those… Read More

EVENT: 5 ways Tudor’s collection launch at Dark Mofo was actually daring

With a great tagline comes great responsibility, and last night Tudor lived up to theirs by daring to launch their 2017 collection in the midst of Australia’s most controversial art festival, Dark Mofo, in Hobart. Talk about being #borntodare – this was a night with far fewer boundaries than usual for a luxury watch event. The guests tumbled from a fine dining experience at Franklin restaurant down a rabbit hole of scenes and settings that were, in as few words as… Read More

EVENT: Epic watches and why the Australian market matters — the Sydney Hour Glass GTG with Michael Tay

The concept of GTGs, or G2Gs, or get togethers in plain english, is a staple of the Instagram handled, Facebook-inhabiting individuals known collectively as ‘the watch fam’. For all that the growth of watch collecting and connoisseurship has been driven by digital platforms, there’s nothing quite like meeting like-minded people in person, calling them by their Instagram name and fondling the watch on their wrist. Typically GTGs are semi-regular affairs, based around fora, Facebook groups or, more recently, organisations like… Read More

EVENT: Rado rallies behind young Australian design talent at the Belle Coco Republic Interior Design Awards 2017

Co-presented by Belle magazine and Coco Republic, the leading name in furniture, property styling and interior design services, last week’s Belle Coco Republic Interior Design Awards brought together Australia’s best interior designers to celebrate the spectrum of their creativity working across residential, commercial and hospitality projects over the past year. The seventh industry awards night featured two new categories: the Rado Emerging Design Star and Best Work With Colour. The winner of the Rado Emerging Design Star award at the Belle Coco Republic… Read More

EVENT: Passing on the gift of writing – Montblanc launches UNICEF collection in Australia, surrounded by incredible art

The entrance to the venue for last Friday’s Australian launch of Montblanc’s UNICEF collection was unassuming: commuters and shoppers on Melbourne’s busy Chapel street walked right past the narrow door wedged between two shopfronts. Blink and you’d miss it – we nearly did. A discreet sign was the only clue. But as soon as the door opened we knew we were in the right place. The narrow stairs of the Victorian terrace were littered with art – a Degas bronze on… Read More