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Cartier revolutionised watchmaking in not one, but many ways. Cartier is credited with designing the first ‘practical wristwatch’ and their claims to watchmaking greatness only begin there. Discover more classic and modern stories about Cartier and watchmaking at Time+Tide, including the latest news and reviews.
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The history of Hublot dates back to 1980 but in lots of ways, the story didn’t really begin until 2005, when the brand unveiled the game-changing Big Bang. The Big Bang is the heart and soul of Hublot, and its bold looks, large size and radical fusion of unconventional materials defined a new generation of masculine timepieces. Discover more about the bold watches of Hublot at Time+Tide.
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Longines trace their origins back to 1832, and the values of tradition, elegance and performance are key to the brand’s identity and design. These values form the basis for Longines four watch collections: Elegance, Watchmaking Tradition, Sport and Heritage. Time+Tide is the Australian home of Longines watches online.
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Montblanc is a household name for pens and luxury leather goods, and they plan to be just as well known in the future for fine watches made by master craftsmen. Time+Tide has partnered with Montblanc in this exciting new chapter of their story, which includes watches more than ever before. Read all the latest news and in-depth reviews here.
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Omega is one of the greatest names in watchmaking, famous for walking on the moon, keeping time at the Olympics and for gracing the wrist of 007. They’ve been making some of the most robust, accurate and elegant timepieces on the market since 1848. Find out more about the many sides of Omega at Time+Tide.
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It would be hard to overstate the importance of Rolex in modern horology. Their timeless designs are instantly recognisable, and their technological innovations numerous. Discover more about Rolex than meets the wrist at Time+Tide.
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Few watches resonate with Australians quite as much as those made by TAG Heuer. Why? Perhaps it’s their rich automotive heritage, the legendary Calibre 11 chronograph or maybe just the masculine good looks of the watches. Regardless of the reason, Time+Tide is proud to be the Australian home of TAG Heuer online.
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The relationship between Tudor and Australia stretches back to the 194os – there’s a good chance your father or even grandfather has a watch bearing the distinctive rose or shield logo. But as the brand commences an exciting renaissance, it’s time for the second chapter in the Australian Tudor story. Time+Tide are honoured to partner with Tudor as they win over a new generation of watch lovers.
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