ADVENT CALENDAR 2016: December 7 – The TAG Heuer Monza ref. CR2080

Deck the halls with badass blackness, fa la la la la, la la, la la. There are slow burn watches – the new Air-King, the Globemaster Annual Cal – and then there are immediate, towering infernos. The new Monza is the latter. It’s the least daggy retro piece of the year, and maybe ever. We also found it quite versatile in the outfit-matching department, turning a biker jacket, white T-shirt and jeans into something iconic – but it also looks unreasonably awesome with a sharp suit. It’s black for the future, one of our absolute favourites, and worthy winner of the Revival Watch Prize at GPHG 2016.

Who should you buy this for? Yourself. Otherwise you’ll only envy the recipient, and that wouldn’t be any good, would it?

What’s the damage? Under 7k


TAG Heuer Monza ref. CR2080 Australian pricing

TAG Heuer Monza ref. CR2080, $6700