ADVENT CALENDAR 2016: December 21 – The Hublot Big Bang Meca-10 All Black

Forget for a moment that the Chairman of Hublot, and the man-behind-the-brand Jean-Claude Biver would look frighteningly Santa-like in a red jumpsuit, sans the paunch. Disregard also that he’s the only other man on earth with the kind of energy required to visit every single household in the world in one night, and just focus on the fact that the Big Bang Meca-10 All Black is basically living, ticking, time-telling Mecano, in a very adult form. Those old enough may recall getting it as a child – and building a train, or a bridge. This far more baller variant requires no assembly. Just a wrist, which, with this on it, is about to get a major renovation.

Who should you buy this for: The adult that doesn’t want to grow up, but likes all the good things that come with it.

What’s the damage: Under $30k